'Hypoallergenic' And 'Fragrance-Free' Moisturizer Claims Are Often False, Study Finds

Posted by Rob Cosgrove on Oct 2nd 2017

This interesting article came across my news feed this morning. It discloses a new study showing that many moisturizers claiming to be hypoallergenic and fragrance free are really not. This kind of deception can be dangerous and even deadly for some people, triggering dangerous allergic reactions when product ingredients are not honestly disclosed.

I've campaigned for years against soap companies lying about their ingredients, falsely claiming their products are  "all natural" and "organic", using man-made fragrance oils to scent their soaps while STILL claiming they're "all natural." 

(Some even list industrially produced chemicals called "fragrance oils" in their list of ingredients and STILL claim they contain no chemicals! And the public just believes them. I don't understand how you can admit your product contains chemicals, and then claim they don't contain chemicals. OMG. OK I'm done with that, again, 'till next time.)